About Foxbikinis

Foxbikinis is a swim and resort-wear brand for women to embrace their positive body image. We embody the American beach lifestyle, celebrate the free-spirited energy and give those who wear them a new approach to comfort, quality and timeless confidence. Foxbikinis Shop collections provide a wide range of swimwear for the independent ladies on the go - from day to night at the beach, and beyond. Each piece is meticulously cut to fit every woman, making it a must-have piece for women to explore nature.


About Jennifer Schindler

With a fiery spirit of nature and a life-long love affair with the ocean, Jennifer Schindler started a studio by the sea in California in 2015, after she had resigned from a fashion company as an expert buyer. This experience supports her to create her own brand and vision of bringing the Jennifer aesthetic to the market.

In 2018, she met a swimwear factory owner from China, Jackson Lee while watching a show and the two instantly connected. They’ve got to work on a magic line: a swimsuit collection that expresses the confidence and sexiness of a sun-seeking woman with a wide range of styling and choices to take the wearer whatever the destination is, the beach, waterskis, or boats. Ever since that time, Jennifer’s team has cooperated with the Chinese factories to provide swimwear products with equal high-quality and fashion-forward style. "I’m so much appreciated with the experience as a fashion buyer, because it gave me not only an eye for discovering beauty but also a fashion savvy that put me ahead. It was during those years that I learned how to be a good communicator and know what the customer is looking for." said Jennifer.

Apparently, a swimsuit studio didn’t satisfy her. With a strong business sense and trend forecasting ability, Jennifer decided to expand her business and invited Jackson, the faithful partner, to run an online swimsuits store named Foxbikinis, based China, aiming to provide services for the whole area in the United States.

Learn from her, make for her.

"I care about every woman who wears Foxbikinis as I care about my design. Fashion is not about looks, but how you feel inside when putting on. It should be touchable, visible, sensible and significantly wearable." - Jennifer Schindler

Jennifer values the cut, fit and finish as she cares what the customer worries about. "The picture is different", "the size runs small or big", "the cutting looks cheap". People are always concerned about these problems. So the team has tried to provide a transparent shopping experience, with picture-like merchandise, true-to-size products, high-standard quality and good services.

Jennifer looks at her designs from a sustainable perspective. Without sacrificing the fashion pursuit, selecting quality fabrics and engaging with manufacturing processes has been part of the key values. Something classic, comforting and always fashion forward. Jennifer expects Foxbikinis’s aesthetic has a long lifetime in your closet and possibly other closets as a secondhand piece prolonging its lifespan.


We’ve always been staying true to our original self with the four rights: the right price, the right time, the right quality and the right merchandise. So we aim to offer everything and help clients make the right choice, as we fully understand the importance of choice. That’s the reason why we care so much about transparency and offer all of the authentic information about the products, rather than just a picture or a number.

From bold prints to minimalist design, every collection of swim and resort wear at Foxbikinis will be carefully chosen and made by our team and aim to reflect the current fashion trend as well as to help our clients build a better self wherever wearing her beloved swimsuit. 

Every season, we design and make the finest pieces with quality fabrics, clever cuttings and refined silhouettes. Whatever each season brings, the way the trend transforms, the way a woman looks and feels, you would find it in our seasonal inspiration.